Servicing Repairs Workshop

Specialist Repair Workshop for Landrovers

Whatever your Land Rover Defender servicing needs We can help you

P V Hughlock Specialists In Landrovers

Landrover Defender

We have experience of have servicing and repairing Landrovers spanning over thirty years.

PVH have been dealing with Landrovers from when they first appeared in 1948 with the oldest Series 1 right up to the newest luxury Landrover Defender.


Having your Landrover serviced by P V Hughlock Specialists In Landrovers will not invalidate your warranty. During the 3 year manufacturer’s warranty period genuine parts are used along with an approved service schedule. Your invoice is proof of servicing.


We will discuss in full with you any additional work which may be needed and give you an estimated cost. No work will be carried out without prior consent and we will always give you a fair and competitive appraisal. We will work with you to keep your vehicle on the road in the best way for you.


We can arrange a recovery service for you if you don’t have it already


We have the most up to date Auto Logic Landrover diagnostic equipment to identify quickly any faults which may appear on your vehicle. Our systems are updated regularly to ensure we can accommodate the newest Defenders.


Servicing Repairs Workshop

P V Hughlock Specialists In Landrovers
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