To prevent rusting a straightforward answer is to use a galvanized chassis where the steel has been dipped in a heat treated vat with tin or similar metal alloy and to use galvanized or pure aluminium stays. There is no need to paint though they do tarnish quite quickly. Military Landrovers used galvanized chassis almost to the end.

A galvanized chassis therefore lasts far longer than steel, prolongs the life of a vehicle but is more expensive to produce. PVH uses galvanized chassis from British manufacturers based in Sheffield or the Peak District – both of whom are specialist galvanizers and makers. When rebuilding a vehicle PVH recommends using a galvanized chassis to prevent the rusting problem reoccurring ensuring the longevity of your vehicle.

We have been replacing chassis for over 30 years and prolonged the life of hundreds of vehicles.

Galvanised Chassis
Galvanised Chassis

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Galvanised Chassis

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