ReSTORATION & REfurbishment 



The last Defender rolled off the production line on the 29 January 2016, a sad day for all Landrover lovers. Since that day Defenders have become more of an Iconic vehicle instantly recognised all over the world. The Defender is the most multi use vehicle ever produced, seen in the countryside, the city, movie screens and even Royal funerals.

PVH have been restoring and refurbishing Defenders since our initial conception almost 40 years ago, we are proud to say this is now our main focus. 

Although PVH was born as a result of Pauls personal obsession with refurbishing Landrovers, for more than 30 years we have successfully been selling, servicing and repairing all of the Landrover models in the range. In those days customers could still buy a new Defender. 

In 2020, due to the increase demand, we made the decision to restructure PVH all together and put all of our time into providing customers with the unique service we excel in and always have done, restoring and rebuilding Defenders. As a result of this our team now have the time needed to create each vehicle to your exacting standards. To do justice to this great British Icon takes time and care and now we have no other distractions.

Would you like to preserve your Landrover in its original condition, true to its heritage, perhaps as a family heirloom or totally upgrade and restyle it?

We are experts at taking a tired Defender and giving it a complete overhaul making it brand new again giving you many more years of enjoyment.

We will work with you every step of the way to create your dream Defender, whatever style you choose. Our highly skilled staff who have built Defenders for over 30 years, work meticulously with a very high attention to detail to produce a Defender that you will be proud to drive and will be a future investment.


Defender Refurbishment

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